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How do you factory default passwords on a C-series?

Steve Deslandes
Level 1
Level 1

I’ve had customers lock themselves out of their system by loosing both the IP and Menu password. Since by default, the serial port is also protected by a password, the device becomes completely locked and standard factory default doesn’t reset passwords.

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Tomonori Taniguchi
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Reset Password on C/EX-Series Endpoint

Step 1: Connect a serial cable to the system at 38400, 8, N, 1

Step 2: Reboot the system (power cycle it)

Step 3: Once Endpoint boot up, log in with the user "PWREC".

Please note that this user is only available a short period of time after reboots. Logging in with this user will reset the password of the root user.

If newer version of software is in used on C-series Endpoint then you will be ask "DO YOU REALLY WANT TO PERFORM A FACTORY RESET? [Y/N]".

Execute "Y" to precede factory reset that will reset admin password as well (changed the password reset approach for security reason).

Thank you. that is a great thing to know... but as I said. What do you do if the serial port is also locked by a password. remember that by default, even the serial port requires a login. If you lose both menu and IP password... and the serial port is set by default with a request for login.... Is there anything you can do or do you have to go with an RMA at this point?

Hi Tomonori,

Currently I have a  C60 with  TC7.3.7.01c84fd, I don't have admin password for GUI, root.

I need to get access to GUI.

IF I apply  pwrec command, all the config will be delete or just admin password?


It's not possible to just reset the admin password, you have to perform a factory reset of the endpoint, note the root account is disabled starting with TC7.1 and replaced with a "remotesupport" account that must be enabled by contacting TAC.  You can do a factory reset via RS232, the process is outlined in thread password-recovery.  The "pwrec" user is only available when running TC6 and earlier software, TC7 and later software uses a "factoryreset" user.

Thanks Patrick for your quick response and explanation.

I had already applied the command and it was show the following.

login: pwrec
Last login: Tue Feb 21 13:18:48 on ttyS0
Do you really want to perform a factory reset? [y/N] y
Performing a factory reset!
Flash device: /dev/mtd0
Image:        /mnt/base/active/bootsw
Offset:       0x00300000
Max size:     0x00100000
Retry 1 times if failing
File length   0x000a4980 (674176)
Image is up to date, exiting
Flash device:  /dev/mtd0
Erase block:   0x002f0000
Erase NOR flash block 0x002f0000 (65536/0x10000 bytes)
Flash device: /dev/mtd0
Image:        /mnt/base/active/pkgextract.elf
Offset:       0x00100000
Max size:     0x00100000
Retry 1 times if failing
File length   0x0001f6e9 (128745)
Image is up to date, exiting
Factory reset: OK

Based on your comment ,because of the version  the codec was not set to factoryreset

eventhough the log show  Factory reset:Ok.?

I have not still reset the equipment, but I want to be sure if the config remains.


If you do a factory reset it should clear out the configuration completely as if the endpoint was never installed/configured.

Because you're running TC7.x software, try the "factoryreset" user.

after the reload  I noticed the codec was send to  factory default eventhough I applied just pwrec command  

Tomonori Taniguchi
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

PWREC is special user account to reset password/factory reset the Endpoint.

This process doesn’t use any of user configured password (no password will be asked while login as PWREC).