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How to restrict outbound calls to some destinations nos. only??



I am using cisco 3845 router as voice gateway and running voice serice over that using E1 which is connected to a EPBX.

I am using only 3 dial-peers (2 for VoIP and other one is POTS). I have 20 sites with similar kind of setup and have 2 gatekeepers (primary-secondary) for their call routing.

To make config simple I have used ".T" as destination pattern with session IP of Gatekeepers for dial-peer VoIP in each gateway.

Now the demand of users of site "A" is that they don't want to talk site "B" and "D" because of their some security reasons.

And since I am using gatekeeper and ".T" as destination-pattern I am not able to prevent site site A to call site B and D whose destination nos. are "89" and "950" respectively and I don't want to create 18 different voip dial-peers because with increase in sites in future we will have to update the nos. of dial-peers.

Is there a any solution to that site A can call any site but B and D?



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paolo bevilacqua
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why don't you take the opposite: let site B and D to not accept calls from A or whatever other site.

This is call blocking and it is easy done with a dial-peer and translation-rule. See the basic document:

Hi p.bevilacqua ,

Yes, I could do it that way also but that is not gonna save my bandwidth use till destination for that particular voice channel.

If we block it at the origination point, we can save our bandwidth and an additional task for gatekeeper.

How about using corlist?


bandwidth for a call setup is like 100 bytes total so that is not a problem at all.

Corlist won't work because you are using GK rather than static DP, so unless you block at destination, you must configure the GK,thing that probably is not worth as the is a simpler way.

To the person that low-rated my previous post, please understand that a rating low as 2 given to a working suggestion like mine, beside being unfair and inappropriate, will prevent further contribution from me in this thread, thing that I did this time as an exception.

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