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ISDN Gateways route



We have 4 ISDN Gateway deployed in Europe:

1 Cisco Telepresence gateways 8321 (in France)

3 Cisco Telepresence gateways 3241 (In Germany, UK and Spain)


The purpose is to use only one main infrastructure, in this case, the gateway 8321.


So, we will edit the search rules from the VCS-C in order to route all ISDN video calls to the Cisco Telepresence gateways 8321.


But, I wonder if the search rules edition is enough or it's necessary to contact the telephony operator about the international prefix.


Kind regards.

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Are your endpoints registered to VCS-C, and if so, do the different countries have their own Subzones?
If each country has its own subzone, you could use source-zone based search rules to insert or change the relevant international prefix's as required.



Yes all endpoints are registered to the same VCS-C.

The different countries have their own subzones on this VCS-C.


We have a zone to route all audio ISDN call to the CUCM.

We have also a search rules to redirect, depending on the international prefix, the call to the local zone.


Kind regards.