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LDAP login for TMS

adrian mercer

can you  configure an LDAP for login to the codecs ?.  If so where can I find how to config.

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Patrick Sparkman
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

You can configure LDAP authentication for users to access the endpoint's web interface for endpoints running CE8.2 software and later under Setup > UserManagement, refer to the CE8 Release Notes for more information.  TC software doesn't support LDAP authentication.

Thanks for the tip!

May I ask a question on TMS?

Of course.

I'm new to TMS and Outlook scheduling for OBTP meetings.

My setup of conference rooms wanting OBTP "join Meeting" in TMS is working correctly if the meeting is created from a USER calendar and adding the room and WebEx meeting into the meeting however we have a site where ONLY Admins are able to schedule meetings in the conference rooms...not users directly.

If an Admin schedules a meeting directly in the ROOMS Calendar in Outlook for someone else, how do they input the requestors WebEx information into the meeting where the OBTP "Join Meeting" button will work on the Touch 10. The meeting shows up in TMS and on the Touch 10 but the Join Meeting button grayed out and meeting link is not displayed/attached to the green Join Meeting button.

Hope this make sense...

Thanks for any and all tips or advice!!


I ran into a similar issue just last week myself.

If you check the TMS conference, I take it the conference is it setup as externally hosted, but there is no address configured?

The only solution is the user must be able to schedule the meeting from their own WebEx Productivity Tools, or an admin edits the conference in TMS to insert external hosted address.

It's not the same, but it's similar to enhancement request CSCuy69630.

Good info! I'll definitely give those options a go.

Thanks so much for the quick response!

My next "fun" project the powers have me set for is a Hybrid setup for Spark etc...

Have a great weekend!


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