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Lock down SpeakerTrack settings on SX80

Lawrence James

Is there any way to lock the SpeakerTrack60 settings down so SpeakerTrack tracking can't be turned off from the Touch 10 interface 

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Looking at the SX80 admin and API guides, I didn't see a way to hide the on/off option on the Touch 10 to prevent a user from deactivating SpeakerTrack, so looks like it isn't possible.  You can hide the on/off option entirely if you actually turn off SpeakerTrack, but that is the complete opposite of what you're trying to accomplish.  The non-persistent mode wouldn't help in this case either, as it prevents configuration changes, the on/off option is tied to a command, and not a configuration option.

Suggest you contact your Account Manager to open a feature request, I can see where this could come in handy depending on the environment it's used in.

Hi Lawrence,


Did you ever open a feature request for this? We regularly find the Speakertrack has been inadvertently disabled on our SX80 and Room Kit units. It would be great if it could be locked active. If you have made a request, I will also email our account manager to request this.





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