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Maximum authorizations per period on MRA Expressway

Level 5
Level 5


Does someone have used "Maximum authorizations per period" when using Expressway on  MRA ?

What it does ? I am trying to mitigate blocked accounts when trying multiples login from  jabber client but is not working..


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Manish Gogna
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Alex,

The Expressway can limit the number of times that any user's credentials can be used, in a given configurable period, to authorize the user for collaboration services. This feature is designed to thwart inadvertent or real denial of service attacks, which can originate from multiple client devices authorizing the same user, or from clients that reauthorize more often than necessary.

Each time a client supplies credentials to authorize the user, the Expressway checks whether this attempt would exceed the Maximum authorizations per period within the previous number of seconds specified by the Rate control period.
If the attempt would exceed the chosen maximum, then the Expressway rejects the attempt and issues the HTTP error 429 "Too Many Requests".
The authorization rate control settings are configurable in the Advanced section of the Configuration > Unified Communications > Configuration page.


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Hi Manish

Thats what's the manual says.

What i need is a real life experience on how to use it since looks like  jabber on MRA does not use that parameter for pereventing multiples logons attempts.

- Alex