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MCU 4501 Content + Multipoint Call Layout Issue

Mohammed Haiderali

See Attachment if screenshots dont show up


We host our multipoint calls on Codian 4501 running 4.5 and wondering how to fix the issue below:

When multipoint call plus one endpoint sharing content = large content and all the video endpoints bunched into one 2x2 video box. This is what every room sees.

Inline image 1

What we are trying to get it to do is have the content large and separate endpoint streams like below. This was created using custom pane layout, which would require us to change on EVERY video conference hosted on the MCU (not ideal) I am thinking this is something to do with how the MCU or endpoint behaves with content channel and or BFCP/H.239....

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Your images don't show up in your post, can you try to attach them instead.

Can you tell us more about the endpoints involved, and provide the content settings used on the MCU, under Settings > Content?

Attached the pictures/screenshots


Endpoints involved:

C20, EX90 and Jabber(Movi)


Content Settings under Bridge :


Content Status - Enabled

Display Content in normal vid channel - enabled

Video fast update - disabled

web viewing applet b/w - 384kbit/s

Markup of content channel video - disabled

auto content handover - enabled 

It looks like you just copied the content settings page, but that also copied the entire page and options, can you either take an actual screenshot of the page, or just tell us what you have configured for what option.

Content Status - Enabled

Display Content in normal vid channel - enabled

Video fast update - disabled

web viewing applet b/w - 384kbit/s

Markup of content channel video - disabled

auto content handover - enabled

You can get the layout you want by disabling content on the MCU, however this is server wide and will affect all conferences and endpoints, H323 and SIP.  If you only want it to affect SIP, change the content status to allow H239 only.

So when I turn off content for the MCU, the endpoint "sharing" loses its video which isn't ideal, but I get that its now using the video channel to push the content through....

Also ends up being 4CIF - low resolution. Content is not readable. 

The endpoint losing his video could be the result of the remote layout selected under Configuration > Video > Layout.

And testing this again with more than just two endpoints, you can't get it exactly like you want.  You'll still have to manipulate the layouts on the MCU and possibly the remote layout setting on the endpoints that is sharing the content.  So, to my previous post, it's not possible as I first thought, not easily at least.

However, and I only mention this to let you know.  If you had a virtual TelePresence Server, and a newer MX and SX endpoint, you could take advantage of the new multistreaming capabilities that does exactly what you want.  Though that might require a total refresh of one's infrastructure and endpoints.

Thanks for the help! I will look at the remote layout settings...


I have heard about the multi stream with CE8 (I think?) and we do have a TPS, but I have read its only available with SX20, SX80 and MX700/ love for C or EX series which I have more of then SX currently.

It's possible to do multistreaming now with TC7.3, but requires a virtual TPS, Conductor, and CUCM.  The only supported endpoints are the ones you mentioned, plus MX200/300.  You can read more about it in the TelePresence Server Release Notes, starting on pg 5 under "Enhanced layout experience".  I know it doesn't help your issue here with an MCU.

I know there are some things I'd like to do with the MCU layouts msyelf, but its either too cumbersome to set up the layouts myself manually, or there is no easy option to help you in doing it.  I'm afraid you're left with doing it the hard way like you've done already, or live with the layout options you currently have on the MCUs, and use the endpoint's layouts to help get something that is easy on the eyes to visually see.

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