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Microphone Issue SX20

Ronald Garcia

Hello fellas, 

I have a problem with a mic´s SX20:

- The mic is unmute (green light), so when I push mute button this keep unmute (green light)

- The mic is mute (red light), so when I push mute button this keep mute (red light)

But I could change the mute state from remote control or web page but directly from mic is it impossible.



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What software version is the SX20 running?

When you mute/unmute the audio with the remote or web interface, does the microphone led change?

Have you tried both microphone inputs, and is the connector pushed all the way into the SX20?

Do you have another SX20 with a known working microphone, if so have you tried to swap the microphones to see if it's the microphone or the codec?

Have you tried updating the codec software, or factory reset (as a last resort)?

Finally the mic was damaged. I replaced it for new one.


Teck Chye Tang
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Based on description, I suppose this should be an issue with the microphone.  Since you are able to change state using remote control , web.

test it with another mic if you have.   Else, RMA the mic.


Wayne DeNardi
VIP Advisor VIP Advisor
VIP Advisor

Firstly, try some basic troubleshooting - the mic ports can be sensitive to how well the mic is plugged in.  Unplug it and plug it back in firmly and try again.  If this doesn't help - try the other microphone port.  Do you have another SX20 that you can temporarily swap mics with to see if the problem follows the mic or the SX20?  If non of that helps, it's likely you have a faulty Mic or SX20, or you're hitting one of the problems I encountered with bug CSCuw74729 where the mic mute button just doesn't work following a software upgrade/downgrade and the endpoint needs to be RMA'd.  What's the hardware and software versions of your SX20?

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