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Movi not connecting from outside

Hi Team,

I have a small Telepresence solution all set but still a little problem.

The Movi client works internally when I connect it to the VCS-Control and is able to talk to other endpoints.

The problem is when trying to connect the Movi client from the Internet to the VCS-Expressway (has a public IP).

Traffic gets to the VCS, but I don't see where to authenticate the Movi (locally or against LDAP).

In other words, the Movi client registers succesfully against the VCS-Control internally, but won't register against the VCS-Expressway from the outside (and is not a connectivity or filtering problem). I don't see how the VCS-Expressway is supposed to authenticate the Movi credentials.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Thank you!


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Jens Didriksen
Level 9
Level 9

Take a look at these threads, should clear up a few things (there are some other threads covering this as well):

This doc shows you the different authentication options and how to implement them - this is for X7.1:


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Alok Jaiswal
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Federico,

If you still facing problem then do port here.. However i think what Jens has pointed out you should be able to solve it.

I would suggest to porxy the request from expressway to control and let control take care of registration part.




I'm still having the problem, but those are great links you sent me... I'm looking at those.

I should have an update shortly.

Thank you both!