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MX300 G2 stuck in upgrade


I have 2 MX300 G2 devices that are stuck during the upgrade process at "Running product-specific tasks"

Both devices are being upgraded via web GUI.

Both devices are being upgraded from TC7.3.4 to TC7.3.6.

When trying to SSH into both devices, I can enter username and password to connect, but the window then closes as if there is no SSH connection.

I can still ping both devices.

I can still access the GUI of both devices, but I get redirected to the xx.xx.xx.xx/web/upgrade/wait page.

Any guidance is much appreciated.


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Maksim Petlin

Hi Cromwell

Do you have any spare touch panel connected to MX300 trying to upgrade the devices?

Regards, Maksim.

There is 1 touchpad directly connected to the device.  I do not have any spares.

Can you check the console logs, what errors do you see after "Running product-specific tasks"?

You could be hitting bug CSCud92375, if you see something similar to what's noted in the bug, suggest you contact TAC as you might need to replace the Touch 10.  One other workaround, which I can't say exactly what will happen so do it at your own risk, is to attempt another upgrade with the Touch 10 disconnected from the codec, if successful you can try and reconnect it.

Shashank Mahajan
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Have you tried upgrading the devices via TMS?

Is it possible for you to try doing a factory reset of the device?

Erol Karaseki

Hello Cromwell

I have this problem too and didnt use spare touch panel. I restarted mx300(since i waited couple of hours and it seems stuck at progress during upgrade) and it comes with current version. However camera of mx300 try to turn left and make noise it doesnt end until turn off the device. Did you resolve your problem ?


This is an indication that the camera is trying to upgrade its firmware, but it is stuck in the upgrade process.

You can verify the camera status navigating to the Status page, and clicking on "Cameras", will show the current status, if it says "Upgrading" or "In progress", it means that it is stuck in the upgrade.

If the MX did not upgrade, you can force the upgrade navigating to Maintenance --> System Recovery --> Software Recovery Swap... if the software version you were trying to install is listed, you can force a software image swap just by clicking on it.

If you do not wih to upgrade the codec, then you can run the command "systemtools camerarescue", which is a procedure to recover the camera.


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