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MXP and Movi


We tried connect 880 MXP with 2 Movi users and we cannot get the second person (in movi) in. Does anyone has the same experience?

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Jens Didriksen

Has the 880MXP got the Multipoint option installed?

If yes, has this been set to "Multisite"? Choices are "Multisite", "Off" and "Multiway"

If it does not have Multisite option, then you can use Multiway if you have a Codian MCU, and the VCS-C has been configured for Multiway.


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We have multi-site option on the MXP.

...and has the Multipoint option actually been set to "Multisite" and not to "Off" or "Multiway"?

xconfiguration Multipoint Mode:


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I checked the config, it is xConfiguration Multipoint Mode: Multisite

Also be interested to know if this is only happening when you try to connect two Movi users, or if it happens any other time when you attempt multi-site calls.

But yeah, suggest  you follow the advise of Shilpa re call logs.


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Try collecting the call logs when during this call and upload it.



Sorry for the short details. Here is a longer one which I hope can explains most of it.

This same endpoint, we were well running a lot of different kinds of video conferencing configuration. So multi-sites is confirmed to be working fine...well at least for basic endpoint to endpoints, we can do a 4 party video conferencing (including itself)

Two problems occur.

1. when the 880 MXP call another 880 MXP, Movi...and then call MeetingPlace (via CallManager). The content in the Movi user got stuck. We managed to solve this as someone post in the forum with similar experience. That is to set the encryption "off" instead of "auto" (be default)

2. When 880 MXP call Movi user, then another Movi user. This is where I hope someone can direct me.

You haven't mentioned which software revisions you are running, but:

MXP F9.1.2 calling two JabberVideo (Movi) 4.4 clients (encrypted) (VCS X7.1):

SIP<--->SIP: works fine.

H323<-->SIP also works fine.

So I am unable to replicate your issue.

Suggest you open a TAC case so they can take a look at your call logs etc.


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for the MXP 880, we are using F9.1.2 PAL.

for Movi, the built is 4.4.3 (14479)

the VCS is however 6.1

Kind regards,

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