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No SIP server registration after upgrading C60 from 6.1.1 to 6.2.0

jeremy smith

Good afternoon.

We have a 3rd party service ( that we register our C60 codecs with in order to place outbound telephone calls via the codecs. We've had no problem until we upgraded one of the C60 endpoints to 6.2.0 -- we have since rolled back to 6.1.1 and it's working again but I wanted to ask about this issue.

This information is 3rd hand from a series of post it notes that my supervisor scrawled while on the phone with tech support, so it's incomplete but may mean something to you all or your engineers.

Our codecs aren't behind a firewall and have public IP addresses. We place calls by dialing the IP addresses of other endpoints we want to connect to or by using the web interface and typing sip:19191234567 or choosing Phone as the call type in the later codec FW versions for telephone calls. 

The problem is that with the newer firmware, we are unable to "register" with that SIP service, even though the SIP settings (other than the individual system ID info) are identical between a codec with the 6.1.1 and the 6.2.0 FW.

His notes:

First response is 403 and asking for nonce key, but they send 403.

The first registration request should NOT include the nonce key, the SIP server should send a 403 and the nonce key.

The codec then attempts to register w/ the nonce key that the SIP server issued to it.

New C60 firmware is sending larger packets than the old firmware.


I don't know the extent of their troubleshooting over the phone but hopefully these notes help clarify our issue with the post-6.1.1 Firmware and the ability to make outbound SIP calls to landlines via our SIP service. We rolled back after trying to troubleshoot for a day or so because we have a lot of conferences where we need the "telephone call" functionality to work in our rooms and didn't have the luxury of leaving the service inoperable for more than a day.

Any ideas?

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The last note..."larger packets."  Did you change the mtu size?  Perhaps something like 1300.  Also, can the Tech Support at onsip open a web browser and connect to the C60 via IP or DNS name?  Also, from the C60, login as root or admin and ping to the sip server to make sure you can at least get to it that way.

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