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OLD TB1000MXP behind firewall access Phonebook via HTTPS

Georg Kehrer
Level 4
Level 4

Dear all

I have a TMS 13.2 (WIN2008 R2) with HTTPS enabled ( don't SSL certificate required)

Now I have many TB1000MXP which are behind Firewall and they are get the phonebook via HTTPS.

Now It works for a while, after 2/3/4 hours I think as soon the System a while is on standby, the corporate Protocoll are setting back to HTTP.

I'm setting back to HTTPS

xConfiguration CorporateDirectory Protocol: HTTPS

Now I'm getting the phonebook very well for a while.

I habve also for testing a TB1700MXP, on which I'm don't loose the HTTPS Setting only with the TB1000MXP

MXP SW Version F9.3.1

Any Idea?

Any input appreciated.

Best regards


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Wayne DeNardi
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Do you have a configuration template defined for those devices in TMS that may be overriding your manual setting?  This could be what causes them to reset every few hours.  Your "test" MXP may not be configured to get the template which is why it works fine and it's just the other devices that do.


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Magnus Ohm
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


It is TMS that updates these settings on a timed interval. If you only want HTTPS communication to the TMS you have to enable "Secure-Only Device Communication". If this is set to "Off" then TMS will generally push the HTTP protocol. IT could might as well be the configuration template as well but the management settings push is more likely as this is done automatically and by default.

If you set the SODC to "On" TMS will start pushing the HTTPS protocol, but it will do this for all the systems even those who are not behind firewall. To avoid confusion, TMS does not push the settings to the endpoints behind firewall, it sends the settings along with the response to one of the heartbeats sent by the endpoint on some interval.

Hope this helps.


Georg Kehrer
Level 4
Level 4

hi All

Thank you for the Input. I have no Template define which are set the settings.

By the way Sorry I forgot to tell you that I have a Bluecoat Proxy between the TMS and Internet.

So waht I have do, I have configured also a HTTP Proxy forward to the TMS, so now botth HTTPS and HTTP are open to the TMS Server through the Proxy.

NOW, Interesting the TB1000MXP is no loosing longer more  the HTTPS Setting is very stable.

I think the Endpoint need also initiating communication via HTTP.