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one Main office and three remote sites

Yazen Alaa
Level 1
Level 1


I have one Main Office at USA and three Branches at (Russia,Kuwait,KSA), in Main office there is Controll VCS , MCU, TMS , ExpressWay VCS and Sx20 Endpoint and in all Branches thers is one Sx20 Endpoint only.

Note: this is the first time i do configuration for Video Conference

My Questions

1) what is the most important things i have to care about it regarding this design ?

2)How many (SubZones, DefualtSubzone, Localzone, Traversalsubzone )  i need for each site??

3)How may (pipes and links) i need for each site ?

thanks and regards

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Yazen Alaa
Level 1
Level 1

Any Reply

thanks and regards

Alok Jaiswal
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Loay,

the first think what you would be looking is at the design for this particular deplpoyment...i believe this branches would be connecting to the main site on may be a MPLS and there fore its necessary that we should obviously keep and eye on delay and bandwidth!!!

first thing is know how much b/w is available between the main site and the branches? And in that how much is available for video..

Also we should calculate how much video call rate we are expecting between the sites.. like per call 768kbps intrasubzones and intersubzones..

another thing is to configure separate sub zones for the main office and branch default the call rate are set to unlimited..set the call rate for the calls within the subzone and calls going in/out of the subzone..based on the number of call we are expecting and the b/w available you can calculate the per call b/w.

default zone would be the same and traversal suzone is already present..only thing we need is a separate subzone for each region.

VCS comes shipped with a set of pre-configured links and will also automatically create new links each time you create a new subzone.

Now the important part here is when you create the subzones on the VCS it automatically add the necessary default links for the traversal subzone and new subzone to default you don't have to specifically worry about the links creation.

this default links allows to make a successfull call without the admin doing any thing extra..however if you know the concepts for links very well then you can certainly modified this default links and you can choose to create a separate links between the subzones as well.

in your case when you create 4 separate subzones 2nos. of links gets created for the every subzone plus the three default links.

Note: i am assuming you don't have a clustered vcs.


Pipe has to be applied on the links. I would suggest based on the bandwidth available for the call between the main site to branches create pipe and apply the pipes on the links for those particular subzone to the default subzone or traversal subzone...please note that you should use separate pipes for each location for better bandwidth management.

so answering to your query i think you should create 4 subzones and 1 pipe for every site.