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Precision HD 1080p4xS2: using FECC over USB

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Level 1

Hi, I've managed to succesfully use a Precision HD 1080p4xS2 camera with Jabber Video, over USB. I can connect and use the camera fine on the cloud-based Cisco service, which as far as I understand doesn't allow FECC controls.

Assuming I deploy Cisco TMS on premise, would I be able to use FECC on jabber with that camera directly attached to a PC (no codec)?


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Martin Koch
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni


hehe, nice one. I treid it with a old 4x camera and if I remember it right it did not even show the usb id.

(did you connect anything else, like power or only usb?)

I do not see that TMS would help you here at all.

The point would be if there is some standard for usb and PTZ which you could hook up on (could even be that

you have a virtual serial port which accepts visca commands) if not I would say its part of the webcam application,

in that case JabberVideo to handle that. Can you locally control your camera from the computer running Jabber Video?

I am not aware that (as no other camera supports some control) JabberVideo would support "FECC" by a

remote unit, it just supports FECC to control external cameras.

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