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quad camera wall mount for spark room kit+

matt mcfetridge

Has anyone had any luck jury-rigging a monitor mount so that this camera can be mounted onto a monitor and NOT the wall? This mount in general is really bad and the camera easily pops out of the little brackets on the L mount. This is one of the worst cisco/tandberg mounts outside of the SX20 mounts that i've ever used. We don't mount anything to the walls as it makes it a nightmare to try to pull a monitor off a wall with all the cords connected. I've ended up using 3M dual-lock to make it more secure--but this isn't a good solution in the long run...I want to put the quad cam on a cart based unit, but not sure how i'm going to do this. Also the $200 MSRP on the spark room kit+ endpoint is a joke. It looks like $20 worth of cheap steel. Otherwise the systems themselves are fantastic--they are just designed by people that have never been in a conference room or supported a room system.

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The Room Series codecs do not support .pkg files. You need to download the cop.sgn under the Room Series download section and you can apply this to the codec in the web interface just like your are upgrading any other codec.
Justin Ferello


this look good idea. bracket is working up or down and can swing to adjust for holding the bar at the level of monitor front. this one had to put the spacers on the other side cause the bottom of the monitor gets wide. but it holding good. you do need to make sure the cisco bracket is held tight by the click locks though. if not you go to rma it. 

mount flush with adaptable positionmount flush with adaptable positionsimple. few bolts holds goodsimple. few bolts holds goodon bottom this time needed spaces on other sideon bottom this time needed spaces on other sideonly good for one monitor setuponly good for one monitor setupsmall gap, but on top it will be greatsmall gap, but on top it will be great


$50 amazon link:

That is exactly the kind of thing i am looking for! I'll have to see about getting it sent to the UK, or find a UK supplier

Do you think that would allow the camera to mount above? I don't mount cameras below monitors so I don't have them seeing under tables...





that kit on the link will work above. the bars can invert and adjust for depth. maybe other speaker bar kit will do too. just shop around

Hi to all , guys .

somebody tell me please physical dimensions of Wall mounting bracket for Quad Camera and width between screw holes .



i choose now mobile mount for 2 55" displays on trolley for Room Kit Plus .

this one is great for me but i don't know dimensions of BRKT-QCAM-WMK

Just wanted to add, I've now done this with a room kit... Worked flawlessly. I intend on trying this $60 dollar mount with the cable cover. It aint perfect, but it works! 

How did you hide the cables when you installed it this way?

we use standard ethernet cable and a thin hdmi cable. you can use pull them up the back, but they also lay perfectly in the small gap between the bar and Cisco bracket when the camera is at 0 tilt. Just put the etheren cable in back, power cable next and small hdmi cable closes to the tilter mechanism.


this is the hdmi cables.


At InfoComm 2018 this past week, I saw a cart by AVTEQ that had a Quad Cam-compatible mount. Looked like it could be put either above or below the display -- effectively it looked as if they had just made a metal plate that matched up with the hole pattern in the Cisco-provided wall mount. I'm not sure if their website has been updated yet; you may want to reach out to Kate Heis.


Thanks, yes AVTeq had been recommended previously, but I have been unable to source their products in the UK, and shipping from the US increases the costs too much.


What we have e been able to do is use a mount made by Electrosonic in the UK, which basically consists of a couple of metal arms that sit in-between the screen and bracket, then the original wall mount screws to that. It works but we have found that on larger screens, it wobbles around a little as people walk.

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