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Question regarding security and setup on EX90's



We are rolling out MANY EX90 units in TMS 13.0.2 and I have a couple of questions that I am hoping more of you advanced admins can answer.

First - we want to apply passwords to the administrator settings on the EX90 units. I know how to perform this when I SSH into the phone and use the xcommands. My question is - can this be done globally through TMS without having to do this one at a time?

Second - can I lock users out of the ringtone selection piece of the EX90 or lock the EX90 units down to a single ringtone?

I welcome any help or input on this.



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Magnus Ohm
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Jeff

Are you thinking about the menu password? In the configuration template page in TMS you can select a custom command. In the input field you put this string and change the password to what you want and then set it as a persistent push to the systems you want.

Custom CommandTANDBERG C-series Endpoint 1234

In regards to the ringtone I would need to test this but unfortunately I'm not in the office at the moment and do not have access to my EX. However you can select a specific ringtone by using the configuration template as well and set this to persistent. even though they change it, TMS will revert the ringtone to the one of your choice once every 24 hours regardless.

In terms of locking the users from changing this I need to do some tests. Maybe someone else might be able to answer this better than me for time being..

Hope this gave you some ideas to get you a few steps further.



Let me give this a run! I appreciate your input. Much appreciated.