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Register Cisco unit via ADSL to VCS Expressway

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Level 1

Hi All,

I am trying to register my E20 unit over my ADSL connect to my plubic vcs expressway.

I need to know is there anything specific I need to allow on the ADSL router for the connection to go through as the unit does not seem to responde or is able to find the expressway over the ADSL connection.


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Martin Koch
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Depending on your setup you would need port 5060/tcp or 5061/tcp for the sip part towards the vcs,

for the registration thats the only thing whats needed.

Sure, DNS has to be in place if you are using it, Media ports must be open for the call and if you

use TMS for phonebooks/management also these ports need to be open.

In general if you have a dumb dsl router with nat which allows outbound  connections and the answer back

everything shall work out of the box.

If you use 5060/TCP and have an advanced router you want to check that l3/alg/nat helper/... are disabled for sip.

Are you sure your E20 and VCS-E setup are correct?

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