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Registering hardware endpoints via Expressway and/or TMSPE

Hi All,

Currently, we use TMSPE for all of our Jabber video users, registering via VCS-C or VCS-E when they are external.  All of our internal endpoints register straight to VCS-Control and use system templates in TMS.

I'm looking to be able to register my hardware endpoints from external to my network via VCS-E, either directly or provisioned via VCS-E.

So I have a few questions;

If registering externally without provisioning, can I still get TMS phone books? Also, how do I manage the system in TMS when it's outside my firewall?

If I decide to use TMSPE, so I still need configuration templates like the Jabber ones?  If so, where can I find them?

Any other information on this would be very helpful

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Alok Jaiswal
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Nick,

for the un-provisioned endpoint you need to select the phonebook type as TMS and point the endpoint to TMS ip-address.



Magnus Ohm
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Nick

The products that supports provisioning through the TMSPE is roughly:






Jabber Video for Ipad

Jabber Video for Telepresence

The configuration templates for these is included in with the software image that you download from the cisco pages.

The systems will still get the phonebooks from the TMS even if they are behind firewall as the phonebook request is a live request to the TMS servers public IP / FQDN. If the unit is behind firewall TMS will have limited management features for this endpoint as it cannot alter its settings, however the endpoint will send heartbeats to the TMS telling it that its alive. The system will have a status in TMS "Behind Firewall" (If the system is available on the public internet it will have such a status as well and then it can be managed "as on lan"). The endpoint can still be booked assuming there is a MCU that can be initiated by the TMS and that the MCU can dial the endpoint that is behind firewall.

Behind firewall is a valid TMS status. The way you add the system is to type in the external management address on the system when the system is up and running behind the firewall. TMS will receive the request and automatically add the system if this is configured in TMS or you can find the system under "Add from list" tab in the "Add systems" interface. You can also upgrade the endpoint software from TMS even if its behind firewall. Details on this you can find in the TMS admin guide.

For the phonebook question please refer to what alok has already mentioned.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Magnus and Alok for your replies.

Our TMS is not reachable from the public side of the firewall - does that mean there is no way for hardware endpoints to get phonebooks?  Jabber video endpoints can get phonebooks via VCS-E, can hardware endpoints not do this?


You can add an additional TMS, put the TMS in a DMZ, add a port forward, use a reverse proxy, ...

There are plenty of options which might be dependent on your deployment, requirements, needs and demand of security.

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