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Remove (SIP) on endpoints Directory using TMS Phonebook

Level 1
Level 1

All of our contacts in the Directory on our endpoints show (SIP) at the end of the name, can this be removed?


Example of Current: Doe, John (SIP)

Example of Desired: Doe, John


If I use the CUCM UDS on the endpoint it just shows the contact only without the (SIP), that is what I'm looking for but using the TMS Phonebook.


This is my first time posting here so let me know if more info is needed or if this should be in a different location. 

TMS 15.4


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Patrick Sparkman
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni
When you look at the phonebook in TMS, do you see more than one protocol for the entry?
What do you have "Route Phone Book Entries" set to under Admin Tools > Configuration > General?

There's only 1 protocol in the contacts listed which is SIP and "yes" is selected under "Route Phone Book Entries".

Check if inbound/outbound IP and H323 dialing is enabled on the endpoints in TMS under Settings > TMS Scheduling Settings.
If this doesn't resolve it, not sure what else it could be, I don't have CUCM setup at the moment, so I'm unable to test or confirm if this is normal behavior.

There are only option for SIP in TMS Schduling settings.