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Roomkit plus direct mount to monitor?


I noticed that only a wallmount can be added but did anyone has any solution when you want to mount the roomkit plus camera directly to the monitor itself either on top or belowthe monitor? Or that a mount is gone be produced in the future for this purpose from Cisco? 



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Bobby McGonigle

Hi MarcoHirschmann0397

I ran into this issue a while back, when our department moved into a new building. Funding was low, most TVs were pre-existing, and that want Cisco VC rolled out everywhere.

When space in particular, had mostly glass surfaces, and a TV mounted on a swing arm Chief mount. Now I could have easily thrown the Quadcamera on the wall below the mount and called it a day, but the angle of the wall we not ideal, and off center. I also new, that users would center the TV to the table or even able towards the whiteboard, which would draw attention away from the camera. So I took a trip to Home Depot.

The solution I came up with, was purchasing 3 black, slotted channel shelving mounts. I tool 2 of them, and bolted them vertically to the chief mount and had them stick out about 7" below the tv. Then I bolted the third slotted channel bar and bolted it to the bottom of the first two, to create a place for me to mount the QuadCamera.

Now I have a brace that can hold my quad camera, and keep it aligned with the display. Images attached. (I am not in the office now, so this is what I had for images, I can get more later if you need detailed shots)


This was about a $20 USD solution, with about 2 hours of labor.


This is the mounted QCThis is the mounted QCThis is an example image of the Slotted Channel Shelving MountsThis is an example image of the Slotted Channel Shelving Mounts

These slotted channels, also had enough room to hide the cabling in themes that was an added bonus. :) #cablemanagement

Bobby McGonigle
(He, Him, His, Himself)
Video Services Engineer, EU Svcs Communication & Collaboration Services

Wayne DeNardi
VIP Advisor VIP Advisor
VIP Advisor

With a Room Kit Plus, you'll need multiple mount options, one for the codec, and one for whatever camera you are using with it (Quadcam, P60, 3rd party).  It's not quite as simple as the standard Room Kit.

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