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RoomOS 11 Halfwake Event Trigger for Signage

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Level 1

We have many Webex Room Kits throughout our institution and are in the process of moving to OS Since moving to OS11, we've needed to disable the On Screen Display (OSD) in order to properly show a wallpaper with instructions for using the system.

Normally this does not cause problems, however we want to be able to roll out signage on our systems, and disabling OSD disables signage. We've tried to use macros to dynamically turn OSD on and off based on the codec's standby state (e.g. "Off," "Halfwake" etc when subscribing to standby status), however enabling OSD after the device goes into "Halfwake" mode does not engage signage. There's a workaround where I can manually engage Halfwake after enabling OSD via a script, but that would require programming our own idle timer into the codec rather than using the built-in functionality.

Does the RoomOS xAPI have a means of manually engaging signage after the Halfwake state fires?

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Wayne DeNardi
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

I haven't been able to find documentation that says that disabling OSD disables signage.

Have you made sure that you've set the WebEngine Mode to On.   This is a prerequisite to making signage work.  The signage should automatically replace the halfwake mode.




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We've tested pretty thoroughly, and when OSD is set to "Unobstructed" signage will not engage when the codec enters halfwake. I've ensured the web engine is active, and when OSD is set to "Auto" signage engages normally.