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Save Default Layout Per Participant


We have a conference configured on the MCU and have made it permanent and selected a pre-configured list of participants.  While the conference is active we can change the layout of each participant under

Conferences->Conference Name->Participant Name->Display                 

Is there any option for the MCU to change to the custom layout per partcipant when the conference is initiated?  We don't see a "save layout" option for the pre-configured participants.

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Wayne DeNardi
VIP Advisor VIP Advisor
VIP Advisor

I don't believe you can change it for a specic conference, but you can change the settings for your pre-configured participant.

On the MCUs web interface, if you go to Endpoints, then select one of your pre-configured endpoints, you can change the "Default View Family", "Default video to use", etc.  This is where you can also set them as a Guest, and enable the automatic disconnection ability. 

We've done this for a number of devices to force them to a specific view and to which other pre-configured endpoint they see.

It's not as flexible as what you can achieve while the call is active, but may help to assist you getting part achieving what you're after.



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