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Shared content recording issue in IP VCR 2240

Yogesh Paradkar
Level 1
Level 1
Dear Sir, We have installed IP VCR 2240, Codian MCU MSE 8510 and CISCO EX 90 endpoints. 1. when we connect any endpoint including IPVCR 2240 through MCU it will get record in IP VCR, both Video and Audio. 2. when we try to share content within this call it is visible to other participant, but content sharing not get recorded in IPVCR. 3. when we download recording from IPVCR, we get only AUDIO and VIDEO instead of Content..   Please suggest me solution for above points...
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Patrick Sparkman
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

According to the data sheet and related documentation, the IP VCR supports H.239 dual video for H.323, and BHCP for SIP.

What protocol, H323 or SIP, are you using for the conference?

What is is the software versions for everything involved in the conference (IP VCR, MCU, EX90)?

We are using h323 for conference... Tomorrow i can share you soft versions..

Looking at the IP VCR User Guide, bottom of pg 35, it appears that the content channel isn't included if you download the recording directly from the IP VCR.  You'll need to download the recording in the .codian format and use the MPEG Converter Tool to generate a video file that includes the content channel, refer to the Converter Tool User Guide for more information on how to do this.

Ok, i ll check n confirm you....

YES, I have checked with .codian converter tool...and it working good as i get video and audio of conference as well as content too...just one thing 

1. When I converted any of *.codian file through converter i got different layout view like 

     a) content stream on left/right/top/bottom/PIP/content stream disable..

     b) can i get just full screen content view, because even in PIP view some content get

         hide behind PIP view... i had tried different streams but content recording size getting              small as compare to PIP stream.

         Please suggest me the same..

2. as you require my all system versions are as follow

a) codian MCU MSE 8510: 4.4(3.67)

b) codian IP VCR 2240: 3.0(1.27)

c) cisco ex90: tc7.3.2.14ad7cc

Take a look at the "Creating a video from the content channel" section of the converter tool guide on pg 23, might be what you're looking for to get the content full screen without the main video channel.

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