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Show image on button push Cisco DX80 and Room Kit/Room Kit Plus

Level 1
Level 1

We are trying to create a user guide for our new Cisco rooms. We want to move away from having a laminated sheet in the room, and wanted to have a digital version on the various VC systems.


We can change the background easily, but we wanted to have a 'help' button on the touch panel that then shows a user guide. I thought the simpliest way would be to have the button open an image of the user guide on the panel, but I cant find a way of doing this.

We would like the button to be visable all the time (eather the system is in a call or not). We have added a button using the in-room editor function, but it seems we can only use the included Cisco widgets.


Any ideas?

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Magnus Ohm
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee



This scenario is not supported. You can use the widgets to create a userguide with text but not display an image.



Are there any plans to support this? Or do this via a macro? All we went to do is have a button that opens an image (which is already on the system as background image, it just isn't active) an image seems like a pretty basic function to me.