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SIP Domain VCS-C/E and Lync

How was your experience if you would like to use the same SIP domain as of the expressway/VCS-C,Email and Lync?

I  know that I create for video a your own sub domain but you have ever  had the experience when the email, Lync and video have the same domain like cisco. The Video,Email,Lync could be the same domain, but how was your experience?
Thank you
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Martin Koch

That works pretty well as all use different DNS records.

* The webserver would use A or CNAME

* The mailserver MX

* Lync (SRV records like_sip._tls., subdomain sip, ... check with the lync documentation)

* Cisco / Standard based sip/h323 Video ( SRV records like _sips._tcp., _h323ls._udp, ...)

The b2bua on the vcs is then used to map the user accounts and presence in between the two deployments.

From what I would say, the single domain setup works pretty well.

Further check out:


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Ok thx, that what i expected. But if you use for the VCS control the same sip domain like the the lync sip domain for the internal call like only VCS c to lync? How is the call process behaviour ? Normally with the standard deployment , the lync and VCS use different sip domains

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Again, please read the deployment guide, its desribed there.

That you have an internal helper domain for the endpoints or mcu does not mean you are not using a single domain for calling.

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Hi Yasim,

As already said it will work well. Though it's certainly best to have different domains.

However you will have to be careful with the search rule to route traffic on the lync environment. if you will use STOP on successful match as per the guide, you should not give a high priority to that rule to make it it does not prevent local calls or call to registered endpoints on vcse if any. You should avoid using stop on successful match here.



that's the next challenge with the search rules, stopping when he needs and match.

To teach the VCS despite the same domain the distinction to teach the VCS to route over the SIP Trunk to the Lync or do it a local call. That is my challenge. Where did the VCS know it,that is lync user or VCS registered SIP URI. Ok about the successfully match ( Continue or Stop )

The general best practice recommendation for a VCS <> Lync integration is to use a shared SIP domain between VCS and Lync ("") where this shared domain is used by FindMe on the VCS side, where a secondary SIP (sub)domain ("", "" etc) is used for device registrations.

The main reasons for this being the recommended deployment method is that

a) By using FindMe (And FindMe registrations for B2BUA) for the shared SIP domain, no static SIP route is needed for the shared domain from Lync towards the VCS (B2BUA)

b) If desired, a static SIP route can be created from the Lync environment towards VCS (B2BUA) for the device registration domain (""), meaning devices registered with this domain can be reached even if they do not have an associated FindMe account.

We generally recommend against creating a static SIP route for any of the native Lync SIP domains towards VCS (B2BUA), for instance for the shared domain, since this will cause Lync to send undesired SIP traffic to the VCS (B2BUA).

Most of the above is mentioned in more detail in the Lync deployment guide for VCS, available at

Regarding the search rules for this shared domain and associated priorities, this is also mentioned in the deployment guide. The main point here is that the search rule(s) for the Local Zone and possibly other neighbor or traversal zones which match the shared VCS/Lync domain ("") should normally have a lower numerical priority than the search rule targeting the neighbor zone towards OCS/Lync B2BUA, meaning that the Local Zone will get searched before htting the 'Stop' search rule targeting the Lync environment.

However, and as always, search rule configuration will be specific to your deployment and environment, and there's therefore not one correct answer/solution to this

Hope this helps,


THX for your all reply's

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