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SNMP On Cisco EX60

Level 1
Level 1

Hello all,

In regards to SNMP on the EX60 ,I was curious if there was a default Read/Write community string for the device? Trying to manage my devices through Solar Winds. I am not using TMS.

I am able to connect to the device with the Public community string, but as far as the Read/Write community string, I cant connect due to not knowing if there is a default Read/Write community string.

All feedback is and will be greatly appreciated.



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Patrick Sparkman
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Default SNMP community name is either "public" or "Public", it's documented in the EX Series Admin Guide on pg 85. Have you enabled SNMP read/write on the endpoint, under Configuration > System Configuraiton > NetworkServices > SNMP?

Yes, Nothing in the guide seems to fulfill what i am looking for.

I am able to connect perfectly fine without Read/Write Permissions. Once i enable it to Read/Write and restart the EX60, i cant connect due to not knowing that the Community name is.

Solar Winds is asking for the Read/Write Community name and no where on the EX60 can i/have i configured this detail. That's why i'm assuming there must be a default one somewhere.