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SX10 H.323 Calling party Number ID for Outbound calls


Hi, dear support forum.
This is a standalone SX10 ce 9.6.2 with H.323 only enabled.

Exp-C/E x12.5, CMS2.5.1

Guys, some screens are here with clear explanation (I think). Please, take a look.
Call flow: SX10 -> H.323 -> Exp-E - SIP ->Exp-C ->CMS (CMM)

This might be a little mix in this problem, but I think it is rather related to SX10 codec than to CMS / (Exp-E).

H.323 is configured as:
2019-03-20_13-32-18 (2).png


For outbound calls using H.323 protocol I can see either 2701 or to be used as Calling Party Number / ID.

I tried 3 types of dialing using H.323:

  • 2875@192.100.xx.xx
  • 194.100.xx.xx

The result is the same.

Here is an example with Calling Party = 2701:
2019-03-20_13-38-56 (2).png


At the Exp-E side in Search Rules it only 2701 (or is shown as a Source Alias.

2019-03-20_13-46-22 (2).png

while it is expected to see
Since this (the line above) is not coming from SX10, Exp-E substitutes its own IP address making
2701 ->
and making ->

as Calling Party Number / ID.



Then it flows inside and CMS shows exactly what Exp-E used as a Calling Party.


If drop this call, CMS/CMM wouldn't ever be able to call back since it doens't know the IP address of SX10.

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Rising star
Rising star

You have defined an E.164 and H.323 ID on your SX10, but they aren't registered to anything, so that means nothing. If it isn't registered it can only be dialed by IP address. 


If you mean to have the SX10 registered, you need to change your settings from direct to gatekeeper and enter the GK address/name. 


thank you for your answer.
Yes, the codec is not registered (standalone).

Well, as far as I can see in logs and in Search History (screen) in spite of "it means nothing",

the codec uses the number E164 while sending SETUP message. So, it uses E164 for somehow.


If configure an empty E164 and 2701@185.140.xx.xx as an ID, Exp-E still replaces the source IP.
I tried all combinations of E164 and ID. Noting helped.

The key issue is not to call back itself, but the fact that Exp-E replaces the source IP / ID of the codec.

Sure, I would like be able to dial this codec by IP address (especially to call back while the call from SX10 have reached CMS and was dropped for some reason),

but Exp-E replaces the source IP address of SX10 (as it is mentioned above).
The rules themselves for dialing this codec by IP address are already configured and working.
Can we change Calling Party number/ID/etc for incoming calls on Exp-C/E ?

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