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SX10 unable to make calls to another standalone SX10

Bharadwaj GK

We have 2 SX10 devices. Each in 2 different cities.   

From city A to City B calls reach but when it is answered no video or audio and call is automatically placed on hold.

From city B to City A call dont go out. 

Both VC's are on natted IP's and when we call using public ip's its the same result too. 

We have checked all ports on Firewall and are open i.e rule in the firewall has been set to any ports.

1. SIP messages - Port 5060 - UDP/TCP
2. SIP messages - Port 5061 - TLS(TCP)
3. H.245 - Port Range 5555 to 5574 – TCP/UDP
4. Audio/Video - Port Range 2326 to 2485 - UDP/TCP both
5. Q.931 call Setup - Port 1720 – TCP
6. Q.931 call Setup - Port 1719 – TCP
7. Q.931 call Setup - Port 1718 – TCP
8. HTTP - Port 80
9. HTTPS - Port 443

Also if we make calls from A to B or B to A it shows A's local (natted/source) IP to B and B's to A respectively, Ideally we are expecting it to show the source public IP.

Any help will be appreciated :) 

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Maksim Petlin

Hi Dealmytime

Did you turn on NAT mode and configure an external/global IP address of a router with NAT support (behind that your VC is located) on both your VC's ?

Please see the "H323 settings -> H323 NAT Mode and H323 NAT Address" in the admin guide:

Best regards, Maksim.

There is no option called as NAT in the VC configuration.

All we have is SIP-->ANAT - on/off it is set to off I can turn it on.

SIP -> Profile 1 -> URI -> is public IP. 

Please let me know if this something that I need to change?

When I try to call the call gets connect and then immediately gets placed on hold! Strange.... any ideas?

anyone to help here?

As already suggested in this thread, standalone works best when the endpoint is configured for H.323. Upgrade to CE8.2.0 and configure the H.323/NAT settings. 

Please remember to mark helpful responses and to set your question as answered if appropriate.

which one should I be downloading and updating attached screenshot?

sorry I checked further and understood. I will try it and seek more help if needed.


SX10 standalone IP calling over the WAN is always a challenge. It may give very unreliable outcome. It's true that Cisco endpoints can make SIP IP call in standalone mode. You can refer to the following document which I created for the basic configuration: 

However, I have seen SIP IP standalone works fine mainly in LAN environment. But for WAN, mostly we see there is no "ACK" for the call and so the call will land and ring.. but won't be able to answer it.

The issue actually lies in the network and firewall. I have seen it working in WAN when the Public IP is directly assigned to the endpoint without Natting it. Which I think the actual cause in your scenario. 

I have also opened a defect (CSCuz86785) to officially announce that SIP Standalone Direct IP call over the WAN should not be a supported design.

Anyways.. you have the good news now... H323 is supported from CE 8.2.0 onwards for SX10 as well.


Nil Laskar.

As your endpoint is standalone, you will need to download the third image in your screenshot (s52030ce8_2_0.pkg) and use that for the upgrade via the web interface on the endpoint.

Once you have upgraded it to CE8.2.0 you will be able to enable H.323 and configure it.  Have a look at sx20-standalone for a guide on the settings and port requirements.

Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.

Please remember to mark helpful responses and to set your question as answered if appropriate.

If we configure H.323 will we still be able to IP to IP calling (Public IP's) or all calls have to be H.323 and NAT IP provided here will use the public IP to send the traffic out? (Firewall has been configured for natting) is this still needed to configured in NAT section of the VC?

Typically all IP based dialing is made using H323.  Even though you have NAT configured on the firewall, you should configure it on the endpoint as well, otherwise the you might not be able to send/receive calls or audio/video.  Refer to the SX10 CE8.2 Admin Guide starting on pg 80.

Hi Patrick,

Thank you that helps me to understand it further. I have had to get a service contract renewed to get the software downloaded. Please help me with 2 more queries.

In this given situation I will upgrade to CE8.2  but does that require CCM? As in do I have to register SX10 to a CCM and then attempt an upgrade or a standalone upgrade also works.

Now, after I complete these configurations will I have able to call other VC units with direct public IP ? or will it only work where VC units that have H.323 configured.

Thank you again, pls advice.

Pls advice on the below query.

You can upgrade the SX10 from it's web interface, refer to pgs 52-53 of the admin guide I linked to in my earlier reply.

After you upgrade to CE8.2, configure H323 per Vivek's first reply in thread sx20-standalone.  Once you configure the H323 settings, you can call other endpoints via IP, however it also depends on how the other endpoints are deployed if they support that type of call.

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