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SX20 dual display left screen flikring automatic

Hello Friends,

I have Cisco SX20 device connected with dual display but on the left side display continues flikring that is selfview if on the same display if i put some presentation its working fine.

Same selfview I moved to right display also same same issue I am getting on screen.

What must be the issue? Our device software version is TC7.3.7.01c84fd

Is there i have to upgrade my device or any configuration issue is there.

Please suggest what must be the issue is this?...




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From your description it sounds as if whatever display the selfview is on begins flickering, regardless if it's HDMI 1 or 2 output. Try swapping the HDMI cable between the SX20 and the camera, if the issue still persists, you'll need to swap the camera with one from another codec if you possible.  You'll want to swap the questionable camera to a second SX20 to see if the camera is faulty, and at the sametime, take the second camera and put it on the first SX20 to see if it could also be the codec.

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for your reply right now I dont have any spare codec and camera.

Same thing I am waiting to try to do. Once I go through this option and let you know.

Once again thanks for your reply.








How did you go with correcting this?  DId the powerline frequecy tweak I suggested help?

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Wayne DeNardi
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VIP Advisor

Check to see that the you have the powerline frequency (can be found in the web interface under Configuration > System Configuration > Cameras) to the frequency used in your area (50Hz or 60Hz).  I've noticed that the "Audo" setting doesn't always work nicely.

There's a nice table of countries and frequencies on Wikipedia: Table_of_mains_voltages_and_frequencies

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