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SX80 is not outputting internal audio, like a rintone but audio during a call works fine.

David Kos

Hi Folks,


I have a client with an SX80 that is not outputting internal audio, like a rintone but far end audio during a call works just fine.  Have you ever seen this issue?  Is the system's internal generated sounds handled differently that say the audio that is heard from the far end during the call?  It has been verified that the ringer volume is turned all the way up.  The SX80 is running on software rev CE 8.3.4 at this time.  I look forward to your replies, thanks for  your help with my question. DK

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George Sotiropoulos
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello David,


Please can you clarify where is the SX80 is registered, If CUCM can you check the settings on the CUCM?


On the endpoint side, can you check on the Configuration-> Personilization tab when you change the ringtone if it works for you?



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Hi George,

>From what my QA Engineer told me in the field, the room is registered to CUCM but it is managed overseas. Is there a setting or area that we need to make them aware of that can be adjusted in CUCM?

Hi George,

The ringer volume on the endpoint has been verified to be On and turned up but still no audio when you change the ringer styles.

Interesting, is there any chance that you have "Do not Disturb" activated on the Endpoint ? If i remember correct, you can check this on the Touch 10.


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Hi George,

The calls come in and you get the audio from the far end site but you don't hear the call ring into the room.

I also found out that Cisco's CE Terminal program was used to route some audio signals within the SX80. I'm wondering if once CE is used for routing some audio signals on the SX80, internal system audio signal routes, like the ringer, also need to be put into place in the CE program. Do you are someone else on the Cisco Team know if that is the case?

It could be a CE8 issue.  The ring would usually go out of the HDMI1 port, so, unless you have that mapped somewhere (and a device connected that to that port that is able to produce sound), that may be the cause of your issue.

The Audio stuff has changed quite a bit in the more recent software releases - ie in CE9.5.0, there is now the ability to do the Audio Console routing directly from the web browser interface on the endpoint (although it's only a Feature Preview at the moment, so nothing you will get anything other than best effort support for through TAC).

If you are able to, I'd suggest you update the SX80 to the current release and see if that makes any difference to your installation (even if it's just to test, then swap back to the old version afterwards).

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We think an integrator made a change in the CE Console.  Do you know where we would look for the 'source' that would need to be routed to the HDMI1 port?  Where does the internal ringer reside?

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