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SX80 Monitor Output Layout

Hi Guys,


I'm currently implementing SX80 quad cam with CMS. Scenario for conference described below

- From HQ, we use SX80 for conference

- We have 26 branches using WebRTC

How can I achieve below video output using 2 monitors (TV1 and TV2) from SX80

1. TV1 must show speaking participant from branch and if possible showing selfview from local (split selfview and speaking participant from branch)

2. TV2 must show the other 25 branches with equal layout when they are not speaking

3. When presentation shared, TV1 show shared content, and TV2 show speaking participant from branch


Thank you in advance


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Rising star
Rising star

Take a look at page 49 of the CE9 release notes - if you have dual streaming enabled on your CMS you can get two live streams and use the active control feature to change what is getting sent to the endpoint.


Hi PJMack,


How about monitor role for SX80? I've set dual streaming enabled but TV 2 not showing participant


Thank You

Hi PJMack,


Sorry, CMS API for compatibilityProfile not added yet to profile. I'll make a vicon test with 26 branches to check if this scenario has been solved.


Thank You

Hi PJMack,


After test, TV2 only show 16 participants (4x4 layout). Can we show 25 participants on TV2 like scenario I mentioned?


Thank You

According to the specs, yes, CMS can go up to 25 using the "all equal" options. Look here:


Hi PJMack,


I've set layout to equal 25 but still didn't work, also when we use all equal layout, the speaking participant will not be shown like using "speaker large" layout . I need to show speaking participant in TV 1, and the other 25 participants in TV2. When I choose prominent layout using touch10, my SX80 shows speaking participant in TV 1 but only 16 participants in TV 2 instead of 25. How can I change TV 2 to show 25 participants? Please refer to attached image for desired TV output


Thank you for your help

Was there ever a outcome to this as I'm also interested in this resolution
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