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SX80 shows audio delay issue at the WebEx Teams Portal

David Kos

Hi Cisco TAC Team,

I have a client with 2 SX80's in different rooms that are displaying an Audio Delay error in the WebEx hub. The display is made by Samsung and the client shows the displays as having gaming mode On and no other video processing type settings On.  The image is fine during videoconferencing calls (No Lip Sync type issues) but still is reporting the issue on the WebEx portal.  Is there any way to clear the warning out of the WebEx Cloud account or any suggestions to how the error can be corrected? We originally checked out the Admin guide for the SX80 and followed those suggestions first.  Any additional help that you can provide is much appreciated. Dave 

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Wayne DeNardi
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

As it is just a "Warning", and not an "Error", if your endpoint is functioning as you need it to, you can just ignore that the message is there.

Depending on how you have your device configured and integrated, it's more likely that it is the audio path that has the delay in it (especially if connected to external audio processors) and the cause of the warning.  The "Gaming Mode" recommendation is only for when you are using the same connected display for both the Audio and Video output.

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