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SX80 video is not working

Kiran Chavan

Hello Team,


I am having Cisco SX80 device. Due to some limitations I have to fit my Codec of the device in HUB room which is 15 meters far from SX80 camera. Is this distance making problem or another reason. Can anyone suggest me the which type of cable should be used???



Kiran Chavan

+91 9870876096.

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The SpeakerTrack and Precision 60 cameras connect using HDMI for video and ethernet for control back to the codec, while the PrecisionHD 4xS2 connect using HDMI for video and serial for control back to the codec.  All cameras are powered locally via a power adapter at the camera.

See the SX80 Install Guide for more information regarding the connections for each camera type.

The maximum length of the HDMI cables to use, see the following discussion, maximum-longest-hdmi-cable.

As Patrick has suggested, and in the links in his post, 15m is achievable using good quality Category 2 HDMI cable.  We have a number of rooms which are cabled exactly this way.

Another option for extending the HDMI (for further than 15m) is to use HDMI Extenders - these can carry the HDMI signal over standard Cat6 cable.  We use these quite a lot in our newer deployments in large rooms, not only for the cameras, but also from the endpoint to the display panel(s).  Note: they do also require power at each end.  Use something like this: Extron HDMI Twisted Pair Extender.

Note: Your question would be better placed in the TelePresence section of the forums where these devices are more actively discussed than in the Video Over IP section you've posted in - I'd suggest, if the above hasn't answered your query, that you move your discussion over there.

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Use a camera extender over cat 5, vaddio make a great camera extender over cat 5. Limitations 330ft/100m, the maximum length of cat5/6 run, if needed to go longer you will need to place a router in between.


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