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SX80 with 2 cameras - can I control both from the Cisco touch panel

Shy Solenko
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Level 1


There is any way that I can connect 2 Cisco cameras to sx80 and control both of them from the Cisco TP?

We don't want to use iPad or other external control rather the Cisco touch panel.

How can I make this deployment?



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Patrick Sparkman
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Both cameras can be controlled using the Touch 10, however you can only control one camera at a time, and not both at the same time.  When you connect the cameras to the SX80, they will be visible under the camera control tab on the Touch 10, take a look at View Camera Settings in SX80 CE8.3 User Guide on pg 51 for reference.


And it will work also with a network switch. 

Because i need more than two ports to support my devices:

2 camras

1 TP

1 Ethernet

You can use an unmanaged or any basic switch that doesn't provide DHCP, as the SX80 acts as a DHCP server for the connected peripherals such as the Touch 10, Precision 60, SpeakerTrack 60.  The network switch will be connected to either the 2nd or 3rd ethernet port of the SX80.


I try to do it in practice now and it's not working.

I have this camera - PrecisionHD Camera 1080p12x 

It  should work?


How do you have the camera connected to the SX80, you should use the camera's VISCA cable and connect it to the camera control cable, take a look at the SX80 Install Guide or the PrecisionHD Camera User Guide.

So my only option with this camera's is daisy chain?

SX80 doesn't support daisy chaining PrecisionHD cameras like with the C Series endpoints, you can only connect one PrecisionHD camera to the camera control port.

So if I understand you - to back to my original question:

Can I connect 2 PrecisionHD camera to the SX80 and control both from the touch 10"?

the answer is NO?

No with switch

And no with one to the control port and one to the com?

There is any bypass or do I need to replace the camera or one of the camera's

Thanks a lot for your answers


You can only connect one PrecisionHD camera, which must connect to the camera control port.  In your initial post you didn't specify the cameras being used, I assumed you were using Precision 60 cameras, which you can connect more than one.  You can use Precision 60 cameras with a PrecisionHD camera at the same time.

if I will replace one precisionHD camera with Precision 60. I will have a way to control the 2 cameras or do I need to replace both cameras in order to control both of them?

You don't need to replace both, you can use and control a Precision 60 and PrecisionHD camera together, you just can't use more than one PrecisionHD camera.


If I will use Precision40  and I will use the cable that split the video and the control, it can work?

You can use the Precision 40 camera with the SX80, take a look at the PrecisionHD camera user guide I linked to in my earlier reply, there is an example of it's use with the SX80.  Note, all the previous comments regarding the use of PrecisionHD cameras with the SX80 will also apply to the Precision 40, as it's actually a PrecisionHD camera, just renamed.