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Tandberg content sharing problem

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Level 1

content sharing is not working in EX90 , problem isolated to port h239 being blocked on the firewall but no idea which ports needs to open for this in firewall can anyone please help

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If you asking about H239 - you use dual stream with H323 connection.

8 UDP Port use for one connection.

2 UDP RTP for Media

2 UDP RTP for Audio

2 UDP RTP for Dual Stream


You can choose your needed range on an EX90:

H323 Profile [1..1] PortAllocation and  RTP Ports Range Start and  RTP Ports Range End

In Admin Guide for EX90 next:

The H.323 Port Allocation setting affects the H.245 port numbers used for H.323 call signalling.

Requires user role: ADMIN

Value space:

Dynamic: The system will allocate which ports to use when opening a TCP connection. The

reason for doing this is to avoid using the same ports for subsequent calls, as some firewalls

consider this as a sign of attack. When Dynamic is selected, the H.323 ports used are from

11000 to 20999. Once 20999 is reached they restart again at 11000. For RTP and RTCP

media data, the system is using UDP ports in the range 2326 to 2487. Each media channel

is using two adjacent ports, ie 2330 and 2331 for RTP and RTCP respectively. The ports are

automatically selected by the system within the given range. Firewall administrators should not

try to deduce which ports are used when, as the allocation schema within the mentioned range

may change without any further notice.

Static: When set to Static the ports are given within a static predefined range [5555-6555].

Br. Oleksandr

Level 4
Level 4


Open all the ports which are required by H323 and everything would work fine. Here are the required ports:

Gatekeeper Discovery (RAS) – Port 1719 – UDP

Q.931 call Setup – Port 1720 – TCP

H.245 – Port Range 5555-5574 – TCP

Video – Port Range 2326-2485 – UDP

Audio – Port Range 2326-2485 – UDP

Data/FECC – Port Range – 2326-2485 – UDP


Mubashshir Akhtar.

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Thanks Mubashshir Akhtar
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