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Tandberg EX90 upgrade query


we have numerous EX90 across globe and TMS is centrally located so it is getting painful and frustative process to do the upgrades taking real long time ,

so anyone can please suggest how we can manage it in a better way

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Depending on the number of endpoints, you probably can better do them one by one through the endpoints webinterface.

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Martin Koch
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Could you describe a little bit more how you use the TMS, how the endpoints are connected and which challenges

you see for your deployment.

For example, you can have an TMS on an internal network and your home office EX90s can not

reach the TMS as all, you can have connectivity but not enough bandwidth or just behind firewall setting, ...

You might have systems via VCS Provisioning or TMS system navigator.

Also which TMS version do you have how many (ex90) endpoints and from which to which software version do you want to upgrade?

I agree that there could be improvements regarding the upgrades in TMS Depending on which challanges

you face and how many endpoints you have there are different ways to address it.

You have different upgrade capabilities:

* TMS system manager

* TMS/VCS Provisioning

* Endpoint webinterface

* Endpoint command line


* misc (like some versions support things like: xConfiguration Experimental SoftwareUpgrade ...)

It also depends on how the upgrading site can reach the endpoint or how the endpoint can reach the

TMS or where the new firmware is located.

In general TMS should be the best method, but there might be one or a mix which works better for you.

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Hi Martin thanks for the detailed reply and see below, I tried to put more explanation here

We are only concerned about EX90 units which are in office and they registered directly to the TMS using system navigator , right now only 30 or so endpoints are there across the geographies and already taking approximately one hour time for doing one end point upgrade (I assume latency might be playing part as well between end points and TMS) I do understand we can start multiple sessions of upgrade at same time but don’t know how many , if we are doing upgrade going to end point itself it is taking merely 15-20 minutes but doing this manually is not a viable option given the fact that there are numerous EX90 deployments happening

We are doing upgrade from 4.1 to 4.2.1 so looking for scalable and stable solution to cater for these bulk updates, TMS version is 13.0

Also like to know what can be the bottlenecks here?

  • •a)      End points sitting behind FW?
  • •b)      TMS sitting behind FW?
  • •c)       How many upgrade sessions TMS can handle simultaneously? I assume going beyond this point will also results in more time for the upgrade
  • •d)      What’ll be the typical bandwidth required for each end point upgrade? And will that multiply by the number of end points we are doing together from TMS front?
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