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TC7.3.3 is released

Magnus Ohm
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I am pleased to announce that TC7.3.3 has been released.


This version contains mainly bug fixes but has also re-named the web-snapshot feature to "Remote Monitoring". To activate this feature in TC7.3.3 an option key is now required. Please read the release notes for more details.


Note: There are currently some issues publishing the release notes at the time of this post, please stay tuned as it will be available in an hour or two. We are sorry for any issues this may cause. I have attached a copy of the release note to this post just in case.


The release notes has been refurbished and will no longer list specific bugs but rather provide a pre-defined bug search in the Cisco bug tool. This gives a better and dynamic overview of open and resolved caveats.




1 Accepted Solution

Accepted Solutions


Please contact Cisco licensing. They will give out the option keys for free for all existing systems. 


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jeremy smith

Any idea how much this costs to be able to continue to use web snapshots?


Remote Monitoring
This feature was previously known as Web Snapshots and can no longer be enabled from system
settings in TC7.3.3.
A new option key that enables the Remote Monitoring feature has been introduced. This feature
allows an administrator to monitor a room from the endpoint’s web interface by getting snapshots from
the camera sources connected to the endpoint. The user interface screenshots feature also requires
this option key to be installed.
Remote monitoring is enabled once the option key has been added and the system has been
rebooted. Once this feature is enabled, the only way to disable it is to remove the option key.
This feature does not display warning messages or indicators on the local system that someone is
monitoring the room, as it did in previous versions.
The option key comes at an additional cost, and can be ordered with the following PID numbers:


I would go through a different channel (account manger or sales) to get the correct price, the total price might be dependent on the quantity. To my knowledge the list price is 100$ per key. But don´t take my word for it.


Web snapshot was available in a previous release, Cisco broke this feature, and Now Cisco wants us to pay to get it fixed again? I’m already paying for yearly SmartNet contracts on the equipment.

We will not upgrade, we rolled back all equipment to previous version that has been proven stable and currently exploring other vendors.

This is simply criminal


It's free for existing equipment. My apologies for the previous.


Please contact Cisco licensing. They will give out the option keys for free for all existing systems. 


My understanding for adding the option-key is to make the feature visible for the administrators and the stakeholders. 

In order to get this functionality the administrator must take an conscious decision on whether to or not to implement this feature. 





That's great news,

Thanks Magnus for the additional information.

Just send a request to the licensing team.


Finally, No more annoying messages being displayed when checking the call status of the codec on the TMS and we are able to provide remote support again.




Please do let me know if there are any problems acquiring the keys and I will follow up. 


I asked Licensing for the keys on 20 codecs we run and sent them the serials.  Went back and forth a few times over phone calls and was eventually told a zero dollar purchase needed to be made before we could get the keys and was pressured to close the case.  This will be very difficult to do for all these codecs.  Can you assist? SR 635390085 if that helps.

Thanks for the feedback. I will check it out to see how we can make this easier. 


Now that we see it's a $0 option, I think this is probably a good compromise between functionality and privacy.

Dear Magnus,

I confirm out of the 4 TAC cases 3 got fully resolved, really fast.

Only TAC still pending is 635390183.(status: Cisco Pending)



The fact Cisco is now charging for a feature they previously provided, using an antiquated model of a release key by individual system, rolled out the software change before it was added to CCW, and completely destroyed something that was already working, is a complete bonehead move.  

This will add hundreds of hours of labor for partners that customers will not pay for.

Whomever thought up this idea should be removed from Cisco's employment.

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