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Telepresence codec c60 is unable to adjust the camera

Hi All,
We have 6 C60 in the same building, but one of them could not adjust the camera.  I connected the camera to other c60, it was the same issue. Do i need to replace the camera since all c60 are using the same firmware or is there other option i can do at the moment?
Camera software is S01718-4.0.
C60 software is TC7.3.6.ea5102

Thanks in advance,
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Patrick Sparkman
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Since you took the camera in question and tried it with another C60 and it didn't work with it either, it sounds as if the camera is faulty.  The only other thing I'd make sure is to check the camera control cable.  With the camera connected to a known working codec and camera control cable, check the camera status in the web interface to see if it's detected etc.  If it still fails to work and or the camera isn't detected by the codec, you should contact TAC to request a replacement if the camera is covered on an active support contract.

Elias Sevilla Duarte
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

When you say "could not adjust the camera", do you mean that the camera does not move (PAN, TILT, ZOOM), or that it does not have video?

If the problem is with the video, try connecting the HDMI cable directly to a TV screen, and see if there is any video, try using different cables. This is in direction from the camera out.

If the problem is with the camera control (PAN, TILT, ZOOM) try using a known-working cable from a different unit, and check for results.

Check on the diagnostics page of the codec, to confirm if there is any warning indicating that the camera is not recognized.

Otherwise, if the above was not of help, you rather get the camera replaced.

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