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TelePresence Exchange System Connectivity

Level 4
Level 4

We have several CTS 3010s and want to have intercompany TelePresence calls with partners/customers.  We are considering connecting to the "TelePresence Exchange System".

From a high level overview, how does this work?  I'm thinking we would sign up for the service and the provider (likely AT&T) would give us a MPLS connection.  I would setup a CUBE/SBC that interfaces with the provider via SIP.  In CUCM, I would create a Route Pattern that sends calls to the CUBE, which is configured to send the calls to the provider.  Is this the way it works?

Once I'm on this service, can I call anyone around the world that is also connected to the "TelePresence Exchange System"?



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Level 10
Level 10

You are described it as it will connect through ATT, BT, VErizon, TATA, Orange, or other TP service Provider which will be able to interconnect you with other TP susbcribers all over the world.

If we subscribe to AT&T's TelePresence Exchange service and have a customer using Orange's TelePresence Exchange service, will our CTSes be able to call each other?  In other words, are all the TelePresence Exchange services somehow peered with each other or are customers limited to only calling other customers on the same service provider?


The providers must peer to each other or you cannot make calls be

tween them.

Correct, nowadays ATT and BT are connected between each other and there are plans to connect other providers like Tata, Orange, Verizon.