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Telepresence Movi presence status issue

Bo Bo Aung
Level 1
Level 1

Dear All,

I have a problem with movi presence issue and I am hoping someone can answer for me

I have a VCSc ,TMS and integrated with AD for telepresence movi.

There is no problem making call in and call out between movi user.

The problem is presence status has not been shown at both side. But we are able to select presence status at both side.

Meaning UserA cannot see the UserB presence status and UserB cannot see UserA presence status.

May I know which configuration I have to check and which setting was wrong in my configuration.

Thanks in advance.


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Patrick Sparkman
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Check all relevant VCS zones, and subzones, are they set to "Check for credentials" or "Treat as authenticated".  Presence will not work without being authenticated.

Also, is the VCS presence service turn ON?

Hi Patrick

When I set check credentials on default zone and relevant sub zones, Movi registration fail. Both AD Account and TMS local user account login was fail, after set check credentials on default zone and relevant sub zones.

Thanks and regards

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Default zone is handling incoming signal from unregistered devices (include subscribe request from Jabber Video for provisioning/registration).

Default Subzone is handling incoming signal from locally registered devices.

The presence information handle between registered endpoint therefore authentication is based on default subzone configuration.

With AD device authentication (AD integration), VCS Control should configure "Check Credential" on Default Zone and either "Check Credential" or "Treat as Authenticated" on Default Subzone (or appreciated local subzone, if any).