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Telepresence Server consume more license with 720p30 main and content video

vishal agavane



We have 1 nos telepresence server virtual machine reside in ESXI with 8 core & 2.4 GHZ processor & 1 nos of conductor in lab environment. We have 5 screen license installed in TP server.


We could connect only 2 nos of VCS unit with 720P30 main(Conductor) and content(End point) setting, when we try to connect 3rd unit we couldn't connect. As per TP datasheet we can connect maximum 5 nos VCS end point with 720P30 main(Conductor) and content(End point) resolution as one vcs end point consume 1 screen license with above setting.


If i would try with 4 CIF resolution we could connect more than 4 end points. I think we are doing some wrong setting in Conductor/CUCM hence we couldn't achieve maximum capacity mentioned in TP datasheet.


I've attached conductor setting screenshots, event logs, TP server statistics while video call is going on and VM configuration and optimization while conference is going on, even we have setup HD resolution with 30 FPS setting in conductor and end point we could see 640 X 360 resolution with 5 FPS?


Do we need change our setting in Conductor for the conference or End point setting should be change or anything we have to do in cisco CUCM? If anyone has any clue on this then please let us know.