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TelePresence SX80 Codec unable to see video or hear audio on point to point calls


Hello, I am very new to the networking world and I am having trouble with our video teleconference device. We are using a SX80 and I configured it to the network engineers specifications; however, we are unable to see video or hear any audio on point to point calls. On the other hand we are able to see video and hear audio on conference calls. I'm not exactly sure if it's something with the configuration on the device or if the issue is firewall related. We have five branches and they are unable to communicate with each other on point to point calls as well, but we are all able to communicate via conferencing. I initially thought the ports for RTP might be getting blocked on the firewall, but wouldn't that block voice and data for the conference calls as well? Please, any and all suggestions are welcomed.

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Wayne DeNardi
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VIP Advisor

99.9% of all no video and/or audio call issues are firewall related.

Are you able to tell us a bit more about your environment so we can assist you?  such as what software verison are the devices running? what call control platform are you using, or are the device stand-alone?  when you say they work when "conferencing" - how are you placing these calls?

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