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Telepresence SX80 logging


Hello all,

I am working on an Information Assurance evaluation of an SX80 for the DoN, and there are a number of checks wanting to know if the device (The SX80) generates audit events for certain particular event types (Failed login attempts, etc). Can anyone tell me how to determine what types of events the SX80 audits and where they are stored.


I also have a check wanting to know if the device's auxiliary port is disabled, but as near as I can tell the SX80 does not have an auxiliary port. Can anyone confirm this?


Any help would be greatly appreciated




Chuck Reel

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Wayne DeNardi
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Their mention of the "Auxiliary port" may be referring to the Serial/COM port on the SX80.  If so, then, yes, it can be set to "Off" - See the SerialPort Mode command in the Administrator Guide for more information, but in brief, the "SerialPort Mode" setting enables you to enable or disable the serial port. The Default value is "On", but it can be set to "Off" to disable the serial port.

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Thank you for your feedback. As near as I can tell, the intent of this check is to disable a port that can be connected to via modem to provide a "last resort" method for an administrator to remotely access the unit. Many routers have such a port, but the SX80 does not appear to. You can't connect directly to the Serial/COM port except for through another PC, right? While on the topic, do you know what sort of administrative privileges you would have if you were accessing the SX80 through this port?




You can remotely administer the device through SSH (xAPI), HTTP (Webinterface, XMLAPI), Serial (COM), *Telnet (Should be default off, in later versions this is disabled completely). 


These services can be turned off. A successful login via the Serial interface gives complete access to the xAPI (same as SSH). By default this interface does not require login, but you can configure the device as such or disable the interface.



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