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Telepresence - TAAS

Dany Daoud
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Level 1

Is there any documents out there that explain how to provide telepresence as service ?

I have a customer who is planning to leverage their parent company exsisting video infrastructure. My concern is how do you change the current video architicature to support two companies.

Below are the infrastructure devices. 

TMS - how do you set it up to support two companies ? 







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Paulo Souza
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VIP Alumni


Some service providers around the world provide TP as a Service (TPaaS), like AT&T, for example. To deploy a structure like that is not the kind of thing you can learn simply posting a question here. You need to have telepresence engineers and specialists working on that in order to deploy such.

I don't think there is any document explaining step by step how to deploy a TPaaS structure. I would suggest to contact Cisco especialists to discuss this matter.

Sorry if my answer might looks coarse to you, it is not my intention. I am answering this way because I am currently deploying a big project in Brazil where a national service provider will sell TPaaS, so I know it is not a simple thing. It demands many Telepresence specialists and meetings, this is the best way to start.


Paulo Souza     

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Hi Paulo,

I'm involved with a similar project as your TPaaS in Brazil. I'm trying to understand how the infrastructure can be leveraged to support two seperate campus\companies from design prospective.


We run something similar with 50+ VCS Control and 14 Expressways. We utilise the Global Dialling Scheme that leverages E.164 for H.323, however, we are now expanding this to incorporate SIP. Issue you will face will be with regard to management and configuration of multiple enterprise firewall and infrastructure beyond your control. Indeed trying to get Jabber for Video working in this type of enviroment is dificult to say the least with a single TMS monitoring the entire netowrk outside of the realms of all other enterprise networks.

I think Cisco has a specific solution now which didn't exsit for us at the time of implementation, but my guess is that this will cost $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Facing excatly the same as mentioned above. I'm not sure how schuedling fall into all this too.

Ahh - we get around that by not doing it!

This is actually taken care of by another body that runs a bunch of Codian MCUs plus the national gatekeeper. They actually have created a bespoke website (used by us, our customers and beyond) which integrates with the MCU APIs in order to be able to create bookings. Maybe not as slick as a TMS scheduler into Outlook, but how would you even do this across multiple AD's? Still, it is very functional and very workable solution.