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Third Party OCS Client Integration with VCS

Saurabh Gupta
Level 3
Level 3

Hi Experts,

I have a Customer who is using its own properitery Software Softphone client for making Video calls . It is a SIP client running on UCS Server , registered with IP PBX System for ISDN users as well.   It is using TLS Connection. It makes internal audio calls using SIP

It is much like OCS/Movi.

Now Customer is planning to Deploy VCS and MCU with ISDN Gateway and is looking to integrate this SIP Client with VCS.

Could you please tell me if it is possible? If yes, what are the other details required from the Customer to intregrate with VCS and TMS.

If is Not possible, what is the reason?

Looking forward for your valuable inputs.



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Martin Koch
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

If the solution uses standard sip and codes I see at least a high chance that it would work.

The VCS as very flexible how it can integrate with other sip devices. I would say its more a question

to the vendor of the "proprietary Software Softphone" to tell you how nice they play with others.

If you would have revealed the vendor there could have been the chance that somebody had already

experience and could have said more.

If you have sip knowledge then it might be worth looking into the sip packets of that devices

or even better, just try it out.

The reason for making it impossible would be that they just dont like to talk to each other.

It could break on many parts, the TLS encryption, the SIP/SDP part, the used codecs/RTP,

the internal processing, network design, ...

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