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TMS 14.1.1 provisioning extension service stopped

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Since yesterday our customer TMS 14.1.1 is no longer able to update or edit jabber users.  When loking to tms services, we found that provsioninf extension service has stopped.  If we tr to strat it, we have an error message that windows was not able to start service due to unexpected error.  Some security updates were added to the windows server but we removed all updateds without success.  Server was rebooted sevral time also.

We tried a restoration of the VM machine from a 2 das ago backup but still the same issue.

For info, the TMS server was upgraded few moths ago from v12.6 Provsioning Agent to PE and all was working fine until yesterday.


Any one know what may be causing this?  Any suggestion on how to troubleshoot this?  

What is the correct procedure to follow if we want to re-install the TMS without losing existing data (Jabber users and endpoints)?  Thanks.






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Jens Didriksen
Level 9
Level 9

First thing I would try is uninstalling and re-installing TMSPE as this is a separate application from TMS, you may have to re-build  your provisioning structure, if you have one that is, i.e. if you import users from AD into separate groups in separate folders etc.

If you manually create JabberVideo users, well, then I'm not too sure what would happen to these, however I would expect these to be in the existing tmspe database. I'm sure someone else here would be able to clarify that one? :)

As far as re-installing TMS goes, you can do that at any time without losing end-points etc as long as you use the existing tmsng database.

Another option would be to open a case with TAC if TMS has a valid service contract, and let them do some digging around for you. :)


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Hello Jens,


Thanks for your input.

We found finally the problem was related to Java.  some errors were seen in the windows server logs.  Java was update to latest version and then we were able to start the PE service.

See also:





Excellent - thanks for sharing. :) /jens
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