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TMS schedule conferences - URI format with MCU behind CUCM

Daniel Isham
Level 4
Level 4

For a client we have a MCU 5310 running 4.5(1.55) trunked to CUCM ( They are using TMS (14.6.0) and TMSXE (4.1) to schedule conferences.


The issue is that the numeric SIP URIs that we specified in TMS (extended settings) show up as for example 12345@IPaddressofCUCM. We want the schedule-able URIs to show up as


The main reason this is an issue is because when TMSXE / TMS sends out the invite, the dial-in address specified obviously isn't route-able.


I have the SIP outbound domain configured on the MCU properly and CUCM has the cluster and top level domain configured. Has anyone found a way to modify this?


What is interesting is that if I change the SIP Trunk outbound address to just be the SIP domain, it updates properly in TMS to show the URIs as ID@sipdomain but obviously the outbound address needs to be the address of CUCM.


Any help is appreciated!

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Ateeq Mohammed
Level 1
Level 1

Hi Isham

Need detailed configuration guide for integrating MCU with CUCM for scheduled conferences + how to integrate TMS then in to the same for VC scheduling.



You can use this document for integrating MCU to CUCM:


I used this as reference with some of my deployments and works fine for CUCM 10.x.


For TMS and CUCM:

refer to page 71




We ended up adding Conductor and modifying the Alias Pattern in TMS to be the desired format.