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TMS Scheduling with CUCM managed CTS 1300



I have successfuly added CUCM managed CTS 1300 enpoint to TMS and want to make it possible to book with TMSEX but this seems not to work. I got a respone in my mailbox from the TMSXE which said:

The videoconference endpoints have been reserved, but due to limited routing resources, automatic routing could not be set up for your conference. Any external dial-in/out participants added to the conference will not be connected.
To ensure that the conference will connect and that routing resources are available, contact your videoconference administrator.

I have some other devices (MX,Profile,...) that also managed by CUCM and added to TMS and with this devices its not a problem to schedule meetings. Only with CTS.

Do i missing something?



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Magnus Ohm
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Have you tried to book the meeting as one button to push? You can set the scheduler to use obtp as default in tms conf settings so when booking through outlook you will utilize this.


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Hi Magnus,

i did not try this. I will do.

But do you know if its a known bug for automatic connect or why do you suggest this solution?


Unfortunately CTS system do not accept "autoconnect " request from TMS, it means that TMS cannot start such meetings.

When you book OBTP meeting - it is working in different way and this type of meeting accepted by CTS system.

It is not a bug, it is limitation. Hopefully this will be added to the CTS/TMS soon.

Best Regards,

Artem Borodai

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