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TMSPE Migration Issue

Ajlal Haider
Level 1
Level 1

Hi All,

I am trying to change the provisioning mode to TMSPE and have succesfully installed TMSPE 1.0 on TMS Appliance version 13.2.1.

Now I am trying to use the migration-tool to migrate all of the existing settings to TMSPE, however, I am getting the error that, "Unable to communicate with the TMS Provisioning Extension service. Please verify that the Windows service is running."

I've double checked and the service is running. I've even restarted the service as well as the server to make sure there is nothing pending from the installation of the TMSPE.

I've searched through Cisco docs and online and all in vain so far. Please help me out here as all of our Movi users are down. I am also attaching the error message.




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Patrick Sparkman
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

According to the TMSPE 1.0 deployment guide that error is a result of the service not running on the TMS server.  Since you say that you've checked that it is running, have you actually gone into TMS and checked to see if it really is by going to any of the pages under System > Provisioning, or even try the TMSPE diagnostics under Administrative Tools?

What is the version of Java you're running on the TMS server?

Is the account that you had to enter during the TMSPE install a member of the site administrators group in TMS?